Long Island Dental Laboratory Association, Inc.


Volume 4 : Issue 5 May 2001 LIDLA Monthly Newsletter Page 2

President:  Anthony Fescina, CDT
1st V. President:
Ralph. J. Rega, CDT
2nd V. President: 
Slav Odynocki, CDT
Secretary pro-term:
Nicholas Argentieri, CDT
Treasurer pro-term:
William Goldofski, CDT
John Lebrun

Corporate Offices:
LIDLA c/o Wilde
48-13  216 Street
Oakland Gardens, NY  11364-1334
Tel. & Fax: 718-428-0894
E-mail:  ADW5823@aol.com

2001 Calendar of Events

May 5:
 Institute for Advanced Education for Dentists and Tech: 

May 24: "Salute to MdtroTech"  see page 3

July 13-15: LIDLA Summer weekend, Nevele Resort, Ellenville NY

Member Address/Changes

415 CENTRAL AVE -Suite B 
BOHEMIA, NY 11716 . 
Note: NICK KULCZYCKI is no longer with the firm. 


Please correct spelling of name of lab and Mr. Odynocki. The letter "k" is in 
Our apologies for oversight. 

Please up-date your 2001-2002 Member Directory 

NADL/NBC reorganized and moved to Florida 

For quite some time, the National Association of Dental Laboratories [NADL] /  National Board for Certification [NBC] has been in a state of flux, and  confusion. It was apparent that the head did not know what the tail was doing. 

Communication between Alexandria VA and the membership appeared to totally 
breakdown. It became virtually impossible to contact the association, or  NBC, and phone calls remained unanswered. 

The matter came to a head within the last few short months when NADL/NBC  decided to adopt an impossibly complicated system to control CDT  recertification credits. Had this been finally implemented, as was the  intention, it is possible that come recertification time, not only would the CDT not have record of his/her credits, but NBC's record might well have  been found deficient! The new system was circulated but, we understand, 
before mailing it had been declared impossible to administer, and it's  circulation merely added to the confusion.. 

NADL was in no better shape -- it appears it too was in total confusion all round, to put it kindly. The problems of NADL/NBC came about when the 
established staff was discharged, and the organization given to an outside association management 
company who, apparently, had not the slightest idea of how to administer a dental lab association. 

The outcome is that NADL and NBC management operations have been moved to Florida. Partners in Association Management, another association Management 
Company based in Tallahassee, FL engaged as of 2001. 

There are two partners in this company, one will serve executive director of NADL, and the other as Director of Certification [NBC]. The latter is said to have experience with the dental laboratory profession, service with Florida Dental Laboratory Association, [FDLA] and Florida Dental Hygiene Association 
[FDHA]. Their staff is said to be equally competent to handle a Lab association. 

Oversight will include the Officers of NADL, and selected members of FDLA, to ensure the new system rights itself, and keeps on track. 

As additional information unfolds we will advise you of points of interest through The Articulator. The new organizational structure became operative as of April 1, 2001. Location is NADL/NBC, 1530 Metropolitan Ave., Tallahassee FL 32308. Telephone [800] 950-1150. Fax: [850] 222-3019. E-mail: nadl@nadl.org 


The world would be better off - 
if people tried to become better. 

And, people would become better - 
if they stopped trying to become better off. 

For, when everybody tries to become better off 
- nobody is better off. 

But, when everybody tries to become better, 
everybody is better off. 

Everybody would be rich - 
if nobody tried to become richer. 

And, nobody, would be poor if everybody tried to be the poorest. 

And, everybody would be what he ought to 
be -- if everybody tried to be what he wants the other fellow to be 

Easy Essays via Catholic Worker 

NYS' Message about Dentists 

"The New York State Dept. of Education oversees the licensure of dentists. To verify a license and learn more about who must be licenses and currently registered to offer professional services and/or use the professional title, 
contact the New York State Education Dept, Office of the Professions at [518] 474-3817, or visit www.op.nysed.gov 

NADL enters relationship with DAMAS 

H. Gayle Clark, CDT, NADL 2001 president announces that NADL has signed a 
contract with Dental Appliance Manufacturer Audit Scheme [DAMAS]. DAMAS is a 
voluntary program which aims to bring quality assurance and industry unity. 
Mr. Clark commented that 
"We are proud to initiate a program that benefits the laboratory as a 
profession, the dentist for quality product assurance and the patient with a 
qualifying quality product" 

The report, appearing in the March 2001 issue of NADL's Journal of Dental 
Technology. Mr. Clark's report was unfortunately rather vague as to specific 
detail telling the reader just how all this comes about, but he assures 
readers that DAMAS is only one of the parts of validation for documented 
quality assurance in the dental industry. He finally comments that "to 
accomplish respect and professionalism we must have unity. He then used a 
quote "You cannot name it and then just claim it - anything we do must be 
done for the right reasons and in the right way" More information on this as 
it unfolds. 

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